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Following a long practice with KPPS S.A. -the office which she co-founded with architects James Panagos and Vassilis Papandreou- and after serving a term in the Public Administration (Nov. 2009-July 2012), and the retirement of her partners, Maria Kaltsa established ARC NEST P.C. in 2017 in the same premises. With KPPS she built up an extensive portfolio of diverse projects: office and commercial buildings, residences, residential and hospitality complexes, public spaces and official buildings. ARC NEST P.C. engages further in demanding collaborative practices, it provides consultancy for sustainability design and project development, and contributes to scientific research projects.

In May 2016 Maria Kaltsa was appointed by the Mayor of the City of Athens as his Adviser for Urban Design, and was engaged in several Municipal projects until July 2019.

In the past 2 years the office focuses on the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings following the “passive house” concept, and raising awareness on the vital contribution that energy efficient buildings make to enjoying a comfortable and healthy life within a sustainable built environment. Most of the office’s projects are designed as “passive buildings”, targeting a Net Zero Carbon Future. In this context a collaboration is established with the Hellenic Passive House Institute to develop buildings after optimal, performance-based energy standards, assuring quality through strict certification.

• Maria Kaltsa holds a post graduate master’s degree in Architecture from YALE University (1984), and a bachelor of Architecture from COOPER UNION (1981)


- 2013, 1ST prize (of 5 awarded) of architectural competition of the Municipality of Thessaloniki for the design of “XENOPHORA”, a new city landmark

- 2004, SADAS Architect of the year award in the category “Architecture of open public space-Landscape” shared by the collaborating offices for the finished project of the “Great Promenade” at the foot of Acropolis

- 1997, 1ST prize of architectural competition to rehabilitate the 3km public zone along the foot of Acropolis, to create the great archaeological promenade (collaboration of 4 offices)


Our office today
We are highly trained in architecture, understanding quality design as part of life. We become more and more engaged with conversions of existing buildings and spaces and with today's action oriented, sustainable urbanism. We see the many restrictions, mainly posed by the current socio-economic and environmental realities, as drivers to think innovatively, turning a multitude of problems to design challenges or mind-framing opportunities. Surrounded by technological provocations and attendant of global developments we develop local, realistic ideas and projects, as people are set at the center of an expanding discussion.

Perception - wisdom - vision
We like to bridge ideals, visions and the realities of practice, thus addressing both the power of intellectual capacity, the riches of the real world and the complexities of public administration. Most of our creative practice is exercised through interdisciplinary collaborations, especially when managing large scale projects.

New fields of interest
Adaptation to climate change through design and urban development strategies, and climate change and the human factor are topics of great interest. Also the crafting of public policies to address many emerging problems which impact the profession, people and the environment, and the issues society is concerned with by encouraging an effective, anthropocentric architecture.


t + 30 215 215 9315

Collaborating architects
Maria Kaltsa and KPPS S.A. collaborated with architects Edoardo Sesti and Marianna Anastasopoulou. Also with: Kostas Anemas, Ioanna Bernikola, Marina Grigoropoulou Evangelia Horianopoulou, Maro Kassioti, Platon Kostits, Rea Kostoula, Ioanna Lalou, Katerina Mavrikiou, Depy Papantoni, Sophia Pierratou, Anna Sitra, Natassa Vasileiou; and with Chrysoula Mitchel-designer, Depy Psilli-Autocad designer.
In the past years architects Marianna Anastasopoulou, Lazarina Giannakopoulou, Evangelia Horianopoulou, Eleni Koutsopoulou, Maria Pandrevmenou, Dimitris Poulios, Maroula Synteli and designer Christos Andritsanos have contributed to the design development of projects.
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